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July 23, 2007
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Code Lyoko Chibi's - Line Up, by DAgStar Code Lyoko Chibi's - Line Up, by DAgStar
Behold the power of the pencil, but only when It's in my hand. All of the main cast of Lyoko standing tall with my fan characters in their virtual form. Their outfits aren't exact due to the fact that these were drawn on two separate sheets of 8.5'' by 11'' printing paper and the characters are no bigger then 3 to 4 inches. So, detail is obviously lacking when all you use is a dollar store pencil and an eraser block that's the size of a penny. I'll try to clean it up latter in life and maybe color it.
Any-who, on to the descriptions

(from left to right)
Donnie and Daila- Are obviously my characters. Their twins, Donnie being the oldest by 3mins and 24 seconds. Donnie uses shurikens (ignore the kunai in his hand) and endless amounts of tiny, bombs or smoke bombs. Their not critical but are just enough to cause a distraction or take a piece off the enemies life points. He also has a third eye which I think is just cool. It predicts the enemies next move and sees through walls and stuff.
- Daila wheres a thin scarf and uses a Sorcerer/Monk/Monkey staff kind of thing that shoots fire, lightning and ice it can cause land tremors but she rarely uses it. Daila also has a tendency to hear voices that both aid and cause trouble.

Cassie- Is also my property and is the tallest of the group. He uses a sort of kunai claw tipped chains that are thrown from his extra long sleeves (Mega long sleeves are cool) kind of like that scorpion guy from mortal combat. Cassie play's the tactician of the group.

Odd- you know.

Jeremie- Yes, Jeremie gets a cool lyoko outfit that I designed myself. I even gave him his own attack that is similar to Aelita's. It's called Energy Blade, it's a crescent shaped blade of green energy or something like that.

Aelita- I wanted to draw her wings but I kind of brushed the thought of it. perhaps in another chibi sketch.

Xana- Yes! Xana has a face! And hair, with horns! (The little devil.^-^) The scare on his left eye was caused by some big battle that I'm not going to explain. The long sword he has was actually for Daila, seen hear -[link] But a sword didn't fit her character and I was trying to think of a suitable weapon for Xana, so, voila. Now that I think of it, I could of gave him a red tail... nya. (That dirty evil little smile of his is just so cutie XD)

William- is full of mistakes and his sword isn't exact either. My art style is full of simplistic detail.

Ulrich- Seems a little off to me but... hay, The guy's got a cool face

Yumi- is completely lacking in detail, but y'all know what she looks like right. (3 to 4 inches, the size of my middle finger {not to be taken as an insult})

Kathrine- a big bunny of sorts. Kathrine uses short blades along with a combo of kicks. She uses her blades as a similar way Ulrich dose with his, but prefers to give out a physical beating, she is amazingly ruthless in a fight, for someone who look so nice. (Fluffy like a bunny, vengeful like a villin) Her legs are skinnier then in real life and is vary light on her feet but, can through one hell-of-a kick that dose cause damage. She can also run really fast giving her no need for a vehicle.

Bud- Is the final character and a special one at that. He has twice as many life point then any of the other characters and for vary good reasons. Bud is the teams defense player. He can create shield's around his and his teammates entire body as well as limited areas, but at a price. For every hit a shield takes, Bud loses 5 to 10 life points. (depending on the Monster) Bud can also give an extra 10 life points to a friend if needed.(They must be at 30 life point's or lower.) The giant, heavy shield is what allows Bud to create shield's around the area. Despite being built for defense, Bud will attack if needed. A force-full push agance the enemies or a heavy through of his shield is all it takes to give this cocky kid a good time.

Thats all for now. Hope you like.

(the universe of Clode Lyoko dose not belong to me.)
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